A Christian ‘Mary Poppins’ {A Bitesize Testimony Part 4}

IMG_0146Her name is Anna.

Her eyes glowed with excitement behind her glasses and she overflowed with love when she shared with me how Jesus saved her. I didn’t even ask.

Every other sentence that came from her mouth was to share something about Jesus. How Jesus loves the little children. How His eye is upon her and He sees all things, even her innermost heart.

Since she was from Germany I asked if she would teach my kids German, to which she graciously said….

“Uh no, I don’t do that. I will teach your children their ABC’s and numbers but most importantly I will teach your children the Word of God.”

At the time I was indifferent, oblivious of the gift this woman was giving to our family. I told her that was fine with me, and I told her I had just started reading the Bible myself. It wasn’t her familiarity of the Bible that intimidated me, it was the WAY she talked about Jesus. As if she KNEW Him. As if she talked to GOD and as if He talked back! I was curious about her.

She began as our nanny the following week in January 2009.

Anna brought order and structure in our home and held me accountable, she was like a Christian ‘Mary Poppins.’  I’m ashamed to confess in the past I was the first mom to drop off my kids at daycare and I was the last one to pick them up. When Anna started with us, she told me she couldn’t come until 7 a.m. and I needed to be home by 4 p.m. Also, I noticed a change in the behavior of both my children, they were actually OBEYING.  There was a peace and calm in the household that never existed before.

Within the next few weeks I became very insecure about my relationship with God. Anna would come in the morning with her Bible in hand ready to share with me something God showed her. I didn’t understand. I asked her many questions and she showed me many things in the Bible–all of this in less than 20 minutes a day. I would go to work with God’s Word in my head and I would think about it all day. Finally it came to the point where I was jealous.

I was jealous for what she had with God. I asked God,

“What does Anna have that I don’t? I was baptized, made my first holy communion, I went Church, I studied the Bible, I was still listening to Christian music, I stopped drinking as much…why don’t I have what she has?”

It was February 12, 2009 when God answered that question…..

To be continued….

**This week I will be sharing ‘bite size’ portions of my testimony in honor of my 7 year spiritual birthday**

About altarofheaven

My name is arcelia. I love, worship and revere God. Since 2009 I have been enJOYing the peace with God I have through Jesus Christ. I'm learning to listen and respond to His voice through His Word and convictions of the Holy Spirit in this midst of this chaotic and distracting world. I am a broken redeemed healed vessel, joyously drawing water from the Spring of salvation pouring out in God's strength by His Spirit for His glory. "May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." 2 Corinthians 13:14 View all posts by altarofheaven

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